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Zubair Siddique
Web Developer

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I have tried lot of different thing in my life. But these are some of the fields in which I have most knowledge.


I am familiar with these fields:

  • Python
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Development
  • Game Development
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The best way to learn anything is by doing projects. This is the way I learn new things, these are some of the projects in various fields that I have completed.


I would like to showcase my work and thus, you can see my projects hosted online.

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Since childhood I was always passionate about Photography. I love to take photos especially nature's.


I'd love to show some of my photos.

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I love drawing. I usually draw to express my thought into digital illustration, Sketeches I try to make them as realistic as possible.


You can see some of my Sketches and Digital illustration.

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Always wanted to try youtube so tried it as a secondary thing. I have uploaded handfull of videos in Tech and Gaming category. Don't do it anymore though.


If want to check out my videos feel free to do so.