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Text toxicity checker

A website to check whether entered text is toxic or not, Made using HTML, CSS, Javascript and TensorflowJS.

is birthday palindrome

A website about to check whether your birthday is palindrome or not, if not then get the closest palindrome date, Made using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Stock Profit & loss calculator

A Website to Check whether you have profit or loss in your stocks, Made using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Fun With Triangles

A website about Triangles, it has a quiz, find area of triangle, hypotenuse and whether a triangle is valid or not, made using HTML, CSS and vanillaJS

Is your Birdhday Lucky?

This will check is your birthday lucky or not, Made using HTML, CSS and vanillaJS

Cash Register Manager

A cash register app help the user by telling how can he/she return the change to the customer with a minimum number of notes? Made Using HTML, CSS and JS

Crytocurrency Prices

Check out Cryptocurrency Prices, made using open Crytonator and Open Exchange Rates API

Ping pong score keeper

this is a simple ping pong score keeper, made using vanillaJS.

Never Disremember

This is a simple ToDo website made with vanillaJS.

Do you know me Quiz

Take this quiz and find out how much you know about me. This is CLI app built by nodeJS.

Pirate Translator

Want to know how Pirate speaks, check out Engligh to Pirate translator.

Minion Translator

This is simple English to Minion language translator. Check out how a minion speaks.

Marvel Quiz

Take this quiz to test your knowledge about Marvel universe.


Emoji interpreter made by ReactJS.


I have given rating to books that I have read.